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Reading List

As you explore Julean's reading list, you will discover the titles that have profoundly shaped his career. These insightful reads have influenced his research, expanded his knowledge and ignited a passion for pushing the limits of quantitative finance. 

Advances in Financial ML_edited.jpg

Advances in Financial Machine Learning

Marcos López de Prado

Quantitative Portfolio Management_edited.jpg

Quantitative Portfolio Management

Michael Isichenko

ML in Finance.jpg

Machine Learning in Finance

Matthew Dixon | Igor Halperin | Paul Bilokon

Guide to Factor Based Investing.jpg

Your Complete Guide to Factor Based Investing

Andrew Berkin | Larry Swedroe

Active Portfolio Management_edited.jpg

Active Portfolio Management

Richard Grinold | Ronald Kahn

ML for Asset Managers.jpg

Machine Learning for Asset Managers

Marcos López de Prado


Poor Charlie's Almanack 

Charlie Munger

Efficiently Inefficient_edited.jpg

Efficiently Inefficient

Lasse Heje Pedersen

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